February 7, 2010

Republican Leaders To Banks: Buy Us | OurFuture.org

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Read what Robert Borsage has to say about the Republican leadership and the big banks.  Click an the link below to read the full article.   The Tea Baggers are organized and make a big splash in the media every day.  People like us, who by far are the majority in this country sit by,  don’t make a stir and the media ignores us.

Republican leaders — led by the perpetually tanned John Boehner, House Republican leader, and his whip Eric Cantor — are looking to sell themeselves to big bankers angry about financial reform.

Cantor says: a lot of bankers who supported Obama are feeling “buyers' remorse.” His answer? Buy us.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Boehner pitched Jamie Dimon, head of JP Morgan Chase for Republicans, arguing that Republicans are there for him, standing up to block any financial reforms, opposed to taxes on big banks, opposed to cracking down on speculation, opposed to protecting consumers. And, Rs have proven that they will stay bought.

Have the tea baggers heard about this? Seems like an odd alliance — folks justifiably outraged at the bank bailout with conservatives who are openly solicting bank money in exchange from blocking any and all reforms.

via Republican Leaders To Banks: Buy Us | OurFuture.org.