August 9, 2011

Cenk Uygur: Obama’s Tipping Point

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Cenk Uygur: Obama’s Tipping Point.

I haven’t posted anything to my blog for a long time – however after reading this I am beginning to feel this way – saddened, discouraged and depressed over the whole thing.  Suggest you read it and let me know what you think too.

April 11, 2010

Bill Moyers Journal . Andrew Bacevich on Afghanistan | PBS

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Nine years after America invaded Afghanistan in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, American and NATO troops remain involved in heavy fighting. One year ago, President Barack Obama committed additional troops to the war while vowing to begin reducing levels in 2011. Though Obama revised “success” from creating a democratic Afghanistan to a stable one, grim news continues to emerge from Afghanistan. Andrew Bacevich, a professor at Boston University and former U.S. Army Colonel, thinks that even President Obama’s pessimistic predictions for the country are too optimistic.

I would recommend that every one who reads my blog watch this video,  and I would like to hear your comments on this.   I really think that President Obama, in his heart, knows that this is the reality, and that he is in denial,  afraid that if he alters his course it would destroy his presidency and set back whatever progress he has been able to make so far.  I think that if he went to the American people and told them the truth and the hard facts they would stand behind him.

Please click on the link below and watch the video.   In the second half of Bill’s program on Friday April 10th on PBS he interviews author Louise Erdrich and they talk about her new book   – Shadow Tag.  I finished reading it last night and recommend it to everyone.

Bill Moyers Journal . Andrew Bacevich on Afghanistan | PBS.

April 9, 2010

Arianna Huffington: Book Club Pick: Why 13 Bankers Is a Must-Read for Barack Obama, Chris Dodd, and Everyone Who Wants to Avoid Another Financial Crisis

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Arianna Huffington: Book Club Pick: Why 13 Bankers Is a Must-Read for Barack Obama, Chris Dodd, and Everyone Who Wants to Avoid Another Financial Crisis.

March 27, 2010


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What I cannot understand is why decent people really organize to combat the filth and nonsense spewed by the teabaggers.  They have become the darlings of the media – and not only the right wing media.  Why isn’t there more outrage?  It’s a scenario in miniature of what happened in Germany during the last days of the Weimar Republic.

March 1, 2010

Robert Reich: The Enthusiasm Gap

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Robert Reich: The Enthusiasm Gap.

Want to see why the Democrats will probably lose Congress in the mid term elections?  Read this!

February 14, 2010


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Latest Picture of Supreme Court Justices

February 12, 2010

Eric E. Schmidt: Davos Confidential

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Eric E. Schmidt is the CEO of Google.  He has been in the news lately because of his resistance to censorship by the Chinese Government.  He recently made these remarks at the Davos Conference, and they have a message that everyone should be interested in.  Click the link below and read what he has to say.

Eric E. Schmidt: Davos Confidential.

February 7, 2010

Republican Leaders To Banks: Buy Us |

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Read what Robert Borsage has to say about the Republican leadership and the big banks.  Click an the link below to read the full article.   The Tea Baggers are organized and make a big splash in the media every day.  People like us, who by far are the majority in this country sit by,  don’t make a stir and the media ignores us.

Republican leaders — led by the perpetually tanned John Boehner, House Republican leader, and his whip Eric Cantor — are looking to sell themeselves to big bankers angry about financial reform.

Cantor says: a lot of bankers who supported Obama are feeling “buyers' remorse.” His answer? Buy us.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Boehner pitched Jamie Dimon, head of JP Morgan Chase for Republicans, arguing that Republicans are there for him, standing up to block any financial reforms, opposed to taxes on big banks, opposed to cracking down on speculation, opposed to protecting consumers. And, Rs have proven that they will stay bought.

Have the tea baggers heard about this? Seems like an odd alliance — folks justifiably outraged at the bank bailout with conservatives who are openly solicting bank money in exchange from blocking any and all reforms.

via Republican Leaders To Banks: Buy Us |

January 23, 2010

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September 27, 2009

Who Reads My Blog?????

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I’ve been remiss –  I really haven’t given too much attention to my blog, although I apparently have quite a few readers.  The problem is that the ones who do read it and post comments send in mostly spam – a lot of it comes from Eastern Europe.  Naturally I delete this stuff so it won’t be posted, so if the spammers are reading this they may was well cease and desist, as their junk will not be posted.What I will try to do from now on is to post something on the blog as often as I can something that I think will interest my readers and hopefully I will get some interesting and intelligent comments posted that my readers would be interesting in seeing.  I will also now put a signature on all of my outgoing e-mails directing the recipients to my blog and hopefully will increase the readership. It would be nice if those who do read the blog as a result of this will forward the address of my blog to their friends so I can increase my readership.



So here goes:

In this week’s current edition of The Nation Magazine (  there is an interesting article about ACORN, the group involved in communiy organizing.  As you probably have read, a couple of right wing advocates went around to their offices trying to entrap some of their people by creating outrageous situations and secretly filming them and later posting the films on youtube. Congress reacted, and cut off some of the federal funding they were using to register voter, working for the 2010 Census \.

Contrast this with the government’s handling of Blackwater, the private mercenary force used in Iraq and Afgahnistan to perform work that should be done by the military.  A recent federal audit suggest that Blackwater may owe the government $55 million dollars for failing to meet the terms of just one of their federal contracts. Five of their employees face murder charges for their role in the murder of several Iraqi citizens. Yet Blackwater’s $217 million dollar contract was just extended by the Obama administration.  Also, consider the fact that Halliburton, Dick Cheney’s company, which received $80 million in contract bonuses to provide electric wiring in Iraq. Sixteen soldiers and 2 civilians have been electrocuted because of this faulty wiring. Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant was just fined 2.3 billion dollars in a fraud settlement, and yet had more than 73 million dollars in federal contracts in 2007 alone.

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