October 22, 2015

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September 13, 2015

The Next Genocide

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Hitler denied science and exploited ecological panic to lay the groundwork for genocide. It could happen again.

Source: The Next Genocide

A very thoughtful and very scary article.

August 31, 2015

Going Back To My Blog

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I have neglected my blog for a long time – those of you who have been following it probably have discontinuing reading it, as nothing new has been posted on it for the last few years.  l have been making most of my comments on my Facebook account, but now when I have something to say or if I find an interesting article or comment that I want to pass on to my readers I will put the item in my blog and advise my Facebook friends to go directly to the blog. The link to the column by Roger Cohen of the New York TImes is worth reading. I will be posting others from time to time, as well as comments of my own on a variety of things.


Middle Eastern Zen – The New York Times

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Don’t worry about the Middle East. Worry about China. The Middle East (unlike a large chunk of your portfolio) will still be around tomorrow.

Source: Middle Eastern Zen – The New York Times

April 1, 2008

IV Volper Web Site

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Working on another project – I have about a hundred color slides of my dad’s paintings. What the titles of them, when they were painted and where they presently are were never catalouged.  I am currently scanning them and putting them in a web album.  You can view the ones I have done so far by going to this link:  http://picasaweb.google.com/danvolper/PaintingsByIVVolper


The link below is a very short biography of my father.


I am putting together some information on my father so those who are interested in his paintings will know a little more about him.